Thursday, October 18, 2007

How did the Homebuilding Market get so bad?

Just some thoughts on the current decline in the homebuilding market. Why is the market collapsing?

  • When will it rebound. As far as the why, and how did we get here...In my opinion....GREED.
  • Buiding too many houses with no buyers in a crappy market - GREEDY Homebuilders
  • Financing unqualified home buyers to sell them a home - GREEDY Homebuilders
  • Poor Planning and getting the money while the market is hot - GREEDY Home builders
  • Buying ANY land they could get their hands on and making bad land deals - GREEDY Homebuilders
  • Saturated Markets- Greedy Homebuilders
  • No one can qualify for new home loans because of aforementioned fiancing games - Greedy Home builders

Anyone care to add more?

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