Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meritage Homes Closes Sacramento Office - More Meritage Layoffs

Meritage Homes lays off 12 or so employees:

Meritage Homes, the nation's 12th-largest homebuilder, is the latest to cut costs in Sacramento by consolidating operations.

The company has closed its Sacramento office, laid off about a dozen employees and called others back to its Concord office, including Sacramento division president Mike Heim.
The company plans to continue sales and construction at its eight new-home projects around Sacramento, regional president Dennis Welsch said.

"We had support staff there (in Sacramento)," he said from the Concord office. "It didn't really make sense to keep operating in multiple locations. We're consolidating those support functions, brought a few people here, and unfortunately we've had some layoffs."


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how Mertiage Homes is doing in Texas?

Anonymous said...

Mertiage is not selling many houses in the Houston area. They have a lot of spec homes, it doesn't look good.