Thursday, November 29, 2007

RW Hertel and Sons - California Builder - Fraud and more

Anyone have any solid info on this..most of what I see is consumer complaints, etc. Not alot from reputable sources. Sounds like they have done some covering up, etc.

From The Central Coast Housing Bubble Blog:
Comments include:
"Here is a SLO case # CV 050606 against RW Hertel for Fraud, Grand Theft, etc... he first tried to sue his own buyers for reporting the homes Leak and Have MOLD the judge ruled under the Anti-SLAPP against Hertel now Hertel is facing not only massive civil judgments for Fraud and Theft but trying to cover up defective homes and lying about it a story is being written in a Major Magazine on Hertel later this summer I got interviewed recently and it is going to be very revealing against Hertel many of his former and two current employee's have been interviewed the two current ones are quitting just before the story goes to Print and the State is again investigating him for FRAUD and LOAN SCAMS."

"Hertel going Bankrupt will NOT protect his or his partners assets he is now investing in Eagle Point Oregon and the Authorities in Oregon and Utah and elsewhere are working with State Contractors Board investigator and the IRS on his many scams. Sorry to learn so many got screwed by Hertel's cheap and Crappy homes but hang tough help is on the horizon and it will take some time but I suspect Federal Prison is in his future."

"Sounds like the same as RW Hertel & Sons who has built the most defective homes in SLO in the cities History I am told Hertel is on the Bankrupt track as well. As a well known Fraud Builder Hertel is doomed"

"Home Builder, RW Hertel & Sons of san Luis Obispo, CA built our home in the rancho Obispo Development today I learned most the homes have massive defects with Leaks, and TOXIC MOLD, my neighbor at 1720 Singletree Ct has Smith & Sons MOLD people at her home all day I asked what for and..."

"RW Hertel has been a lying crook for the last 5 years I have know him and his company. He has always cheated the buyer's SO BUYER BEWARE if you get a RW Hertel Home they are a Horrible Mess every project and home in Rancho Obispo is a total mess. The State Inspectors said they are the ..."

"RW Hertel what a fraud and lying scamer, MOLD again in Rancho Obispo this morning I noticed many and I mean many MOLD Trucks from SERVPO at 1708 Farrier Ct. when I asked what is happening, knowing the development has been declared a disaster zone from defective homes.."

"RW Hertel SCAMS Low income owners, more defective homes, more criminal investigations FRAUD, CON ARTIST, Housing RIP OFFS, SCAMS now i learned up in Dublin, CA at the Low Income housing of ARROYO VISTA RW Hertel tried to sneak into building low income homes but HUD discovered Hertel has lied and cheated far too many owners. That all the low income homes built in RANCHO OBISPO, down in San Luis Obispo are leaking have Mold and are NOT built to code so once more development he is a major suspect in trying to Fraud the Government and the poor low income people."

It goes on and on...someone let me know if they have info.


Anonymous said...

This builder RW Hertel & Sons is the very same one who built so many defective homes the State of California Contractors Board had to get involved and order them to replace over 50 New roofs, or loose their license.

This is the same company who illegally dumped Construction dirt in the Salinas River then got caught. The list goes on and on he is nothing short of a Con Man, Liar and Cheat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, The State of California CSLB has a massive investigative file, as do the over a dozen Superior Courts all over Calif. do a Legal Net search and you will find them. In addition the City of San Luis Obispo, CA has an extensive investigative and complaint file. Ventura County to San Jose case after case are filed against RW Hertel. If you can afford hire a PI for a quick search of State Records or do a Nexis/Lexis search he is listed in many Lawsuits and many defaulted loans and Liens against him and his company.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest speaking to Code Enforcement in most of the Cities where Hertel has built his poor reputation is well documented and well known.

In addition his firm is also well known for substandard homes with the Contractors State License Board and HADD etc.. not to mention the Courts all over the State of California.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, post more if you ahve information on these Hertel Con Men and scam artist as well. I would be interested in seeing who else was scamed.
Robert JS Fowler
William Zech
Roger Tompkins aka Roger Thompkins
Bryan Troxler Development
Robert HerteShane Doyle
Dana Levy
Tom Habbick
RWH-Adobe Creek LLC
Atascadero Ventures, LLC
DOMEK Properties
Los Robles Ventures, LLC
Thomas Crozier
Richard Werner
Adam M Daner, Esq.
Oak Park Ace. Acres, LP

RW Hertel is involved in many scams and loan fraud as well so post it all. will get it to the Authorities.

Anonymous said...

The best thing for you all to do is hire a Lawyer and Check RW Hertel. Here are some other arears who know of his poor building.

Choice Trust
Builders Assciation
Better Business Bureau
City and County Building Officials
State License Board
Department of Consumer Affairs to name a few and an internet search as well.

RW Hertel owned by Ronald W. Hertel and Robert JS Fowler, both are well know Deceptive builders and Con Men in the Building industry. the State of California has a ongoing investigation so check with them. You should also check all 58 County Court Houses in California to check for Fraud cases, Insurance Scams, Arson matters and legal suits against them. You should see the Secretary of State as well for the many different companies they hide under, Do Not buy any home until you know who the " Real" Builder is and have done a Bond, CSLB or BBB Verification. Hertel is a BAD builder and he will cheat you out of what ever monies he can.

Anonymous said...

Indeed good web information, so i decided to check my self.

Oh did I find a treasure of very bad stuff against RW Hertel & Sons, Inc.

First his Rancho Obispo Project in San Luis Obispo indeed was the subject of a Major Defective Home investigation by the (CSLB) Contractors State License Board of California. They along with more than a dozen other independent experts found 100% of the homes inspected were NOT built to Code or Industry Standards. So that is why they leak and crack and have Mold in them. However they tried to conceal it so a New Independent firm was hired named " Johnny Zamrzla & Associates" of Palmdale, CA who is a well documented and ethical inspector. He too found All the homes he inspected to be Defective and of Shoddy Construction.

His reports are at CSLB and a Records Request reveals the reports as well as many Insurance inspectors reports. Even Hertel very own inspector JM Reiss & Assoc. confirmed the homes are in his own words " Built to Fail" there are dozens of reports and Law Suits and Complaints against this builder. As I checked the Court Case you stated that is one of many, yet the interesting thing is Hertel sued his own buyers in a crude attempt to keep them silence over the Defects and Mold. According to the Public City Council they blasted Hertel as a fraud and cheap crappy builder. As you check the many free sites you can see but if you want to pay a few dollars do check the pay sites of Builders ChoiceTrust, LexisNexis it is a vast volume of facts on a very troubled dishonest Builder who apparently cheats and cuts coroners , that of RW Hertel & Sons, Inc. CSLB informed my Secretary Friday Hertel is the most dishonest deceitful builder they have come across in years and is still under a Investigation with several State and other Agencies. Thank you for your posting it will help to stop these Bad Builders.

Nicky said...

Your correct, I spoke to one of the named inspectors who asked me not use his Name, He confirmed RW Hertel & Sons homes he and his staff inspected are ALL 100% built below Industry Acceptable Standards and in short are Defective and not to Code. So Much for RW Hertel & Sons, Inc. does NOT know how to build a home. Ouch !

Larry said...

When you have bad or corrupt builder such as RW Hertel & Sons the building industry will suffer as well as the banks and buyers. Hertel is a well known lousy builder and sues insurance scams as well to cheat his own insurance companies as well. Ron Hertel likes young girls, gambling, and now he is in the wine making business to launder his ill gotten monies from his defective building. His new company is 5 mile Bridge of Santa Margarita CA with his buddy Bob Fowler and Tom Habbick word is this is how he can launder his monies from his crappy building before the feds take him to Prison

Anonymous said...

I am also looking for more (RW HERTEL}information on the following people and companies listed. You can mail it to CID PO BOX 269112
Sacramento, CA 95826-9112
Ronald W. Hertel
Robert (JS) John Samuel Fowler
Adam M Daner, esq.
Charles V. Daughenty
Doug Filipponi
Bryan Troxler
Rob Rossi
Karl Wittstrom
Vance Rose
William (Bill) Zech

and these companies who the above are associated with:
5 Mile Bridge Wine's
ABC Lic.# 451089
BOE Tax # 071-702192
VERDOT Group, L.P.
Hertel Group, LLC
RW Hertel & Sons, Inc. CSLB Lic # 683494 ( Expired)

Margarita Vineyards, LLC
16627 Avalon, LLC
in association with any Criminal activity from Excise tax fraud, loan fraud etc..


Anonymous said...

Well add another Lawsuit against RW Hertel and Robert JS Fowler once again another suit is pending in San Luis Obispo Superior Court for Fraud and Grand Theft.

case file # CV-070372 and he has plenty more in Ventura Courts as well.
He is finally finished building crappy homes and I am told he is now facing a Criminal Indictment for Fraud with his lover Robert JS Fowler as well.

Anonymous said...

Be Strong you who have been cheaed by Ron Hertel and Robert Fowler, in Superior Court in San Luis Obispo, CA case CIV-070372 Hertel et al are again being sued for fraud, and polluting the local rivers in a scam to conceal his toxic dirt these case is soon to go to trial as well as the other one CV-050606 the other foot is coming down on them. Interesting thing bothj cases have the same Judge LaBarbera and he is very tired of Hertel and his scams.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortuneate that nothing on this web site has to be true to be blogged! As with all of the opinions and information on the internet MUCH of it is FALSE and FABRICATED! Many people use these blogs to satisfy a personal agenda against companies and people. Which is the case with RW HERTEL. They are being attacked by a man who was an unhappy homeowner. He has gotten a few others to jump on his bandwagon in search of money from the builder. He poses as different people on these blogs and writes stories about the owners of this company. He takes pieces of public information and creates stories from them. He is very tricky and manipulative and will stop at nothing to ruin the name of this company. He has been involved in NUMEROUS scandals! The truth is, yes the project in SLO had a few homes that had issues with the roof flashing and they leaked. The company not only replaced to leaking roofs but the entire project. There have been NO LEAKS since! I know this for a fact! No matter what this guy or his made up blogs say! Another point is that there are multiple lawsuits against this company. What construction company doesn't have lawsuits. Do reasearch on other builders. You will find that all of them have suits against them. Because there are people who see deep pockets and a potential to get easy money from the big bad builder. It is very sad and frustrating to watch somone spread all of these lies all over for the public to read. My point is this, none of these sites should determine anyones opinion or decesion about buying a home by the builder RW HERTEL. They are a victim of slander by a few people. I am sure there will be many resopses to this entry, I expect them to spew thier rhetoric about all of the lawsuits and CSLB. But to anyone who is just a normal reader...please take what i have written into consideration. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

WOW ! I find the only way to get to the truth is seek the facts for yourself.

Why as is now a public record did Hertel refuse Barry Stone a very well known and certified Court home inspector refuse him to inspect Hertel homes ?

Answer as we see on his web site is very clear, the Homes are ALL defective. Why did RW Hertel's own expert JM Reiss put in writing Hertel homes were built to fail ?

Why did even Hertel's own expert who inspected over 50 homes in SLO admit they are ALL 100% defective reports are available from SLO Courts or from CSLB.

The answer is simple every Hertel project from Ventura to San Jose and beyond are built below required codes and why did local building officials put in the reports Hertel homes are NOT to CODE so the facts are very well documented. Nice of you to defend your employer Mr. realist but as the many Fraud cases go through the courts the truth is coming out. If you people are interested in buying a RW Hertel home get it inspected first and get a signed warranty you will need it. There are far too many cases all over against Hertel to think it is just a isolated or minor problem.

Finally as one posted Hertel sued his low income buyers to silence them, when that failed they are posting touchy feel good things. The entire internet with it expose on Hertel are from Lawsuits, Insurance companies, Courts and State Regulatory agencies so the facts are well known. RW Hertel is nothing more than a con man and rip off cheap racist builder. The FBI has documented written evidence of racism by Hertel in it's ongoing probe of Hertel. Watch the trial's he is facing. Oh why is Hertel suing his own insurance companies ?
he is trying to scam them out of monies from Florida to California.

Anonymous said...

True Hertel has lied and cheated many of his own buyers. Worst yet he does not even pay the sub contractors who did work or his vendors who now have had to file mechanic liens on his homes since RW Hertel does NOT Pay thus liens have to be filed.

One employee admitted his last payroll check has bounced>

Anonymous said...

I just read in Patterson, CA RW Hertel & Sons and Hertel Development have defaulted on Millions of dollars of fraudulent Loans in the DIABLO GRANDE LEGENDS development and now the FBI is investigating. The entire facts and evidence and all the truth will come out when the many trials start. I can not wait to see it all come crashing down.

Anonymous said...

It is builders and developers like Ron Hertel and Robert John Samuel Fowler who screw us all.

Hertel has dozens of lawsuits now for fraud and KITCO Holdings, LLC just loaned over 1 Million to Fowler so fowler can pay legal bills for his fraud trial taking place later this year. According to the Insurance Inst. Hertel and Fowler have filed many false and fraudulent insurance claims all were determined to be under false pretenses and fraud. I did see his new business 5 Mile Bridge wines is also failing just like his building business. Nothing but con men.

Anonymous said...

Once more RW Hertel & Sons is being sued again in SLO Case # SC080010 by Aspire Creations again Hertel has failed to pay his bills, come on now Hertel you hire us to do our job when done you give us bounced checks and now are facing more Law Suits so pay up. Your a crook

Anonymous said...

RW Hertel & Sons ( Diablo Grande ) Patterson, CA has now gone belly up and is bankrupt they filed ch 11.

Hertel needs to go to Jail for stealing from everyone.

Anonymous said...

TO EVERYONE reading this blog:

I am just writing to let it be known that these postings are being written by ONE man. He has been trying to slander and wreck this company for years! He writes under many many names, (any that pop into his balding little head) He SPEWS LIE after LIE! He has found every possible site he can to post hurtful untruthful statements about this company and its owners.

Unfortunatley these sites and their operators feel no obligation to post truthful or accurate information. This site has become a feeding ground for a GREEDY, IMMORAL,MANIPULATIVE excuse of a human being whom is out to fulfill a personal vendetta. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

**Anyone who has owned a small business or provides a service to others is at risk to be slandered and harassed in this manner. Web sites such as these have an obligation to the public to allow only factual content. Once the claims have been disproven the sites administrators should be required or morally responsible to remove the postings.

Anonymous said...

Right and I have a nice new Island to sell you for only a dollar..... Hertel and his scams are coming to an end and real soon. He is a well know con man and crook and justice will be served in a Court of Law so stop hiding Ron and Robert face the music you cheating and stealing is over. Your Jail cell is Awaiting you on the East yard of our Local Prison. The Public facts are all in the records and the truth of you being a crook is nicely posted by the CSLB 10-19-05 web site your a LIAR.

Anonymous said...

Here is another Fraud case against Hertel in San Luis Obispo # CV071167 once again Hertel stole land and screwed it up and now is being sued by many people including the County and City of Astascadero for fraud and grand theft and insurance scams

Anonymous said...

You were all correct, RW Hertel & Sons has now defaulted on over $20,000,000.00 in san Luis Obispo Loans has is now recorded in the County Clerks office
Doc# 2008023194 and # 2008023195 they are a subject of a Major Fraud Investigations

Anonymous said...

More cases and judgments keep piling up against the famous Fraud company RW Hertel & Sons now in Pasadena LA Superior court # 07-C-00673

Anonymous said...

Many of the posts trying to link Hertel related entities are all from a certain con man whom Dan Blackburn wrote a cover story about for the New Times in April of 2004. Since moving to town, all he's done is move from one con to another. His next one is to dupe EFI investors a second time. Be wary as to any of the info you take from bloggers. Give Dan a call and he'll be happy to feed you more information.

Anonymous said...

RW Hertel & Sons, Inc dba RWHS Diablo Grande Legends, LLC aka Verdot Group, LP has again been busted and fined for Cancer causing water in the homes in Patterson, CA fined $250,000.00

Modesto Bee has a story in there paper dated June-26-08

Anonymous said...

Superior Court Judges informs victims RW Hertel & Sons is OUT of Business, if anyone has information on the listed Hertel companies please post.
RWHS Gonzales, LLC
RWHS Diablo Grande Legends, LLC
Hertel Farms,LLC
RWHS GD Legends-134, LLC
Hertel Investment Group, LLC
Hertel Group, LLC
Hertel Development Partners, LLC
or information on their Apartment building for sale RANCHO OBISPO Apartments APN # 053-514-054 located at 1774-1798 Tonini in San Luis Obispo, CA this is needed for a Legal case against them.

Anonymous said...

RW Hertel business partner and associate arrested by LAPD for child abuse and sex crimes with a male minor. Hertel business parter Richard D Willrodt of Camarillo was taken into custody for lewd acts against a minor male child. Mr. Willrodt is a close personal friend of Ron Hertel and Bob Fowler, all three had several business relationships together. police are continuing the Criminal investigation. RW Hertel is currently out of business and facing many legal issues